Exams in the Swiss university

Exams in the Swiss university

Education in one of the foreign universities is now very popular, as many graduates of prestigious universities have already evaluated the advantages and differences of education in the best universities. In this case it is not only possible to get a prestigious diploma, which will be quoted in any country of the world, but also about the high level of teaching, in-depth study of the chosen specialty, the disclosure of the creative personality, and more opportunities for self-realization.

Consistently popular among foreigners are higher education institutions in Switzerland, which provide an opportunity to study at various departments for various specialties. In order to become a student of one of the Swiss universities, a student must have a certificate that is equivalent to the Swiss Matura and recognizes that particular university, where documents are served.

Each university sets specific requirements for applicants. Thus, students from some countries mandatory obligation to take the entrance exams, if a certificate is only partially meets the requirements. Moreover, an applicant would have to pass exams and if the administration of the university is not sure of the proper level of his knowledge and wants to test them individually.

German-speaking universities are shown to the students from the countries of the former CIS greater demands than high schools, which are in French cantons. In order to become a student of one of the higher educational institutions of Lausanne, Geneva and Neuch√Ętel, simply submit matriculation with high grades and entrance exam special selection committee. Whereas, in order to become a student of the German-speaking university or institution must also I studied at least four semesters in the national university.

Especially noticeable difference in approach regarding enrollment in two universities ETHZ and EPFL, who are among the best technical universities of the country at the moment. Both high school students conduct individual testing on their own procedure. But while the Lausanne university presupposes only certificate, Zurich and still requires preliminary studies in the national high school – a third-enroll here. Go to college, we must remember that the ability to enroll a student in the university, as well as the number of places is largely dependent not only on the particular chosen profession, but also on the capacity of accommodation.

The hardest part is necessary for those who are planning to study medicine. In Switzerland, the profession of the doctor of any profile is extremely highly regarded and therefore any medical faculty do almost unreal. Some specialties require a strictly limited number of places for others to foreigners in general do not possible, because preference is given to local residents, among whom competition is huge and therefore foreign applicants do not even give a chance to try their own strength and to show the level of knowledge.


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