Green tea fights obesity

Green tea fights obesity

The use of green tea as an additional tool in the fight against obesity is quite popular. It improves the regulation of blood sugar, weight loss and helps updated fat cells. Green tea contains organic substances – catechins, substances which accelerate metabolism and reduce appetite.

According to the results of eleven studies conducted by Dutch specialists from the University of Maastricht, using a statistical technique called meta-analysis, it was found that the catechins in green tea, contribute to the process of reducing and optimizing the weight. Their effect is enhanced when combined with caffeine.

As other studies have found that catechins, which are in green tea help to reduce the total amount of fat, in particular those in the abdomen, in addition, reduces the amount of triglycerides in the blood. Drinking green tea increases the effectiveness of fat burning and is a great addition to physical activity.

Next time, if you choose to store teas, turn your attention to the variety of green. Just be sure at present, but not the ones that are sold packed in bags. High-quality green tea can not be cheap, so do not try to save money.

Hoping that a few cups of tea can melt all the accumulated excess fat. This pleasant drink will only be a wonderful addition to training and nutrition.


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